About Rachel

My photography explores transformations. By bringing attention to the beauty that remains in a tiny leaf or flower that has wilted and dried, my work strives to embody hope and resilience while highlighting the worth that we all retain as we age.
Nature is a source of never-ending wonder and magic for me. Through personal experience with loss and trauma, I learned to find hope in the persistence of nature and beauty in the small and commonplace details of life. My work shows that these small and seemingly mundane facets of nature are marvels that change from moment to moment and carry worth and beauty no matter their state.
I shoot outdoors in natural light and use minimal post-processing because I want my work to show what really existed in that moment rather than something I created myself. My main aim is to present work that is visually compelling and spurs emotion. Since photography feels innately familiar to our eyes, my work also often prompts viewers to look for these tiny details in nature for themselves which helps build their own connection to nature.
Originally from Texas, I moved to Oregon in 1998 and I continue to appreciate the amazing beauty Oregon has to offer.
My CV is at http://rachelmclain.com/cv