About Rachel

The never-ending wonder I have for nature is at the heart of most of my work. I use minimal post-processing because I want to show what really existed in that moment rather than something I created myself. I photograph outdoors almost exclusively in natural light because that is another part of my connection with nature and showing what really existed. 
Changes and transformations are also at the core of my work—the drops are tenuous, the light is right for only a short time, flowers droop and die or become seeds… Change is an unavoidable part of life and I believe we must embrace and somehow find value in the changes. I try to show the beauty that change can bring; to show that even when the changes appear to be losses, there can still be beauty. I use minimalism to isolate the changes and transformations and bring extra attention to them without distraction. My work focuses on transformations, the mundane, and connections with nature.  Because my own life has been transformed through loss and trauma, I focus on showing natural transformations in my work. Transformations alter the original, but usually not so that is it completely unrecognizable. Using depth of field and natural light, I lead the viewer to focus on isolated details and show them intimate examinations of transformations created with water drops, reflections, or shadows.
My experiences with loss and trauma are the impetus for shooting small and often overlooked parts of nature. Through my experiences, I learned to find beauty in the small and commonplace details of life. In my work I show that small and seemingly mundane facets of nature are filled with marvels that change from moment to moment.
My most cherished compliments are when the viewer tells me that my work has influenced and changed the way they view the world.
Originally from Texas, I moved to Oregon in 1998 and remain (mostly) enthusiastic about the frequent opportunities the Pacific Northwest gives me to indulge my fascination for water in all its forms.
My CV is at http://rachelmclain.com/cv